Npower Health Recruitment
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Npower Health Recruitment 2020 Job Form – Apply Now

The Npower Health recruitment job application form is meant for Nigerians who wish to apply for Health/Medical jobs in Nigeria.

Npower has employed over 500, 000 thousand Nigerians.

The recruitment process for npower Health recruitment is so simple. Applicants just need to follow the right steps.

If you want to apply for the n-power health recruitment, then ensure you apply online.

Ultimately, N-Power Health volunteers can aspire to a life-long career in public health and other allied fields. Possible destinations include:

→Health Education Specialist

→Health Promotion Coordinator

→Public Relations Manager

→Breastfeeding Support Coordinator

→Health Office Administrator

→Health Research Analyst

→Social Worker & Counselor

→Health Services Manager

→Health Department Administrator

→Government Policy Analyst

→Displaced Persons Coordinator

→HIV/AIDS Educator

→Project Manager in Public Health

→Field Investigator

→Research Analyst

→Community Health Worker

Requirements for Npower Health Recruitment

Job Duration

→ 2 Years

Participants will undergo an initial induction training prior to deployment

Preference for Npower Health Recruitment 2020 Job Application form

Preference will be given to holders of Bachelor’s degree, HND, OND, in health sciences such as Medicine, Microbiology, Nursing, Public Health, Botany, Midwifery, Psychology or other allied disciplines in the sciences.


→ 1. Community Health Extension (JCHEW & SCHEW)

→ 2. Nursing

→ 3. Midwifery

→ 4. Medical Laboratory Technology

→ 5. Pharmacy Technology

→ 6. Medical Records

→ 7. Health Education

→ 8. Environmental Health Technology

→ 9. Microbiology

→ 10. Biochemistry

→ 11. Biology

→ 12. Agricultural Science and other allied disciplines.


→ 1. JCHEW

→ 2. SCHEW


→ 4. OND

→ 5. HND

→ 6. RN

→ 7. RM

→ 8. B. Tech

→ 9. B. Sc


→1. Schools of Health Technology

→2. Nursing Schools

→3. Midwifery Schools

→4. Polytechnics

→5. Universities

How to Apply for Npower Health Recruitment

To start your application, kindly visit the official N-health Portal via or

Job vacancies at Npower Health Recruitment 2020

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List of all N-power Recruitment Categories

For more information on how to apply for Npower Health Recruitment 2020, Kindly visit ==> Npower recruitment

You should kindly note that Npower recruitment for those interested in NHealth is not yet open for the year.

2020 Npower Health recruitment job application form is currently not yet.

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